Saturday, December 13, 2008

Top Tips to help during the financial crunch.

Working with the financial services industry as we do, and more recently with the IAB on providing a credit crunch handbook for the financial sector. I was delighted this morning to see a range of presentations run by Mel Carson, over at MSN.

In essence the advice is and has always been take more care. I find it hard to believe that even in these times, that there are still a good number of companies who for some reason are preferring not to manage their pay per click, rather than use an agency, in the absence of effective internal resources. By internal resources I am referring to a common fact where the Search Engine Marketing account of several £10ks and in one case I know of over £100k are being managed by 15 minutes of attention on a Monday morning where it amounts to downloading the stats from the search engines running their campaign... That is not right.

To me it makes common sense to put a bit more effort in. To me it makes common sense to think that relying on search engines to spend your money is going to end up with your money being spent - perhaps not in the most advantageous manner. I don't mean to deride the service that search engines offer, they do help, they want to help and they definitely help us [thanks all]. But it is the common sense notion that if they have several clients in the same industry, they are not going to favour you. They are not going to remember all the specifics and they are not going to be able to monitor your account 24 /7.

Whereas dare I say it, a dedicated agency like Weboptimiser would.

So, being careful includes the simple stuff, as pointed out in one of Microsofts presentations just the other day - get the spelling right. Include APRs in your advertising - if the APRs change, you can change them! Create targeted advertising - one for mortgages another for savings. Monitor the times when you just seem to spend money and the times when you get more sign ups / applicants etc.

And another thing... Just because your bank is closed over Christmas, people still search for financial services online - and as their are fewer banks advertising over this period - you will find that there is a sale of sorts going on online in your favour - the cost per clicks will generally reduce - so you can brand and generate new business leads for less. That is what the smart money does!

Here were Microsofts top tips (we practice these every day) Be cognisant of
micro trends; Make the most of key seasonal periods; Use attractive ad
copy to pre qualify traffic; Create detailed and extensive negative
matches; Employ Exact Match bidding strategies to grow CTR and
reduce your CPCs and Use adCenter‟s unique demographic targeting capabilities.

Have a great Christmas...

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